Representative Projects

Sediment Removal Plan

Reeder Reservoir on Ashland Creek

Ashland, Oregon


Critical Area Report

Columbia River

Vancouver, Washington


Riparian Restoration Plan

Clay Creek

Ashland, Oregon


Wetland Mitgation Construction and Monitoring

Pearwood Housing Project

Medford, Oregon


Creek Restoration & Dam Removal

Ashland Creek

Ashland, Oregon


Vernal Pool, Fairy Shrimp and Wetland Study toward a joint Fill and Removal Permit

Duff II Water Treatment Facility

White City, Oregon


Irrigation Dam Removal & Fish Passage Structures

Shasta River

Montague, California


Wetland Mitigation Construction

Ranawapati Pond and Lemolo Forebay

Umpqua National Forest, near Diamond Lake, Oregon


Stream Restoration

Grade Creek

Cokeville, Wyoming


Dam Removal & Diversion Structure Installation

Calapooia River

Brownsville, Oregon


Compensatory Wetland Mitigation & Channel Restoration

Stoneview Townhomes

Eagle Point, Oregon


Design & Construct Stormwater Treatment Wetlands & Channels

Riverwalk on Bear Creek

Ashland, Oregon


Dam Removal & Stream Restoration

Dominici Creek

La Grange, California


Stream Delta Sediment Removal

Rush Creek & Silver Lake

June Lake, California


Sediment Removal & Stream Restoration

Weber Creek

Placerville, California


Restoration of Creeks in the Mono Lake Basin

Rush & Lee Vining Creeks

Lee Vining, California


Additional Projects

Design & Construct 4 Acres of Mitigation Wetlands, OR for Whittle Development

Design & Construct 7 Wetland Mitigation Projects for Various Development Clients

Design & Construct 6 Golf Course-Treatment Wetlands, OR for Ashland Parks and Recreation Department

Design & Construct Treatment Wetlands & Salmon Channels, OR for Ashland Public Works Department

Erosion Control & Landslide Remediation Klamath River, OR for PacifiCorp

Design & Construction of Horn Creek Realignment, OR for Decarlow Homes Inc.

Rush Creek/Silver Lake Sediment Remediation & Dredging, CA for Silver Lake Homeowners Association

East Walker River Sediment Removal & Restoration, CA for California Department of Fish and Game

Parker & Walker Creeks Restoration & Supervision, CA for El Dorado County Superior Court

Salmon & Omak Creeks, Habitat Restoration & Consruction, WA for Colville Tribe and Entrix Inc.

South Fork Little Butte Creek Salmon Habitat Restoration, OR for Little Butte Watershed Council

Rush Creek, Design & Rewatering Historic Channel 10, CA Mono Lake Committee, Audubon Society

Trout Creek Watershed Restoration Design, OR for Bonneville Power Admnistration

Wildlife Habitat Mapping of 75,000 Acres, OR for Rogue River National Forest

Riparian Habitat Mapping of 160 miles of Snake River, WA for US Army Corps of Engineers

Construction Cost Estimates for Various Stream Restoration Options for the San Joaquin River, CA for Natural Resource Defense Council, San Francisco Office

Restoration Design for Modification of the Coombs Channel of the San Joaquin River below Millerton Reservoir, CA

San Joaquin River Restoration Design Team member for Jones and Stokes

Construction Supervision of Moss Landing Estuarine Habitat Restoration, CA for Granite Construction and Jones and Stokes

Analysis and Cost Estimates for the Removal of the Sodom Dam and Channel Modifications for the Calapooia River, OR for Oregon State Parks Department

Sediment Removal Plan and Implementation on Muddy Brook and Large Pond in Blairstown, NJ for Mr. and Mrs. Donald English

Design and Analysis Regarding Removal of 2 Dams on Ashland Creek, OR for City of Ashland Parks Department

Trout habitat Restoration for 21 Miles of Strawberry River Tributaries, UT for Unita National Forest

Permanent Forest Inventories and Mapping, OR for Winema and Freemont National Forests

Wetland Delineations for 25 Separate Sites in Southern Oregon and Northern California for Various Vlients

Numerous Biological Assessments for Various Clients Dealing With Water and Sewage Plant Upgrades That Could Affect Anadromous and/or Endangered Fish and Wildlife

Researched and Completed Two Environmental Impact Statements With the Main Focus on Geothermal Power Development in OR and ID for Deschutes and Boise National Forests

Stream Restoration Design and Construction on the South Fork of Little Butte Creek, OR for Butte Creek Watershed Council

Ecological Inventory of Soils, Geomorphology, and Vegetation on 40,000 Acres of the Rogue River National Forest, OR for Rogue River National Forest

Restoration Plan for the Lava Lakes Wildlife Refuge, Siskiyou County, CA for the National Wildlife Federation

Aquatic Habitat Improvement Design and Construction on Gazos and Pescadero Creeks, CA for Entrix Inc.

Erosion Control and Riparian Re-vegetation on the Klamath River, OR for PacifiCorp

Wetland Creation and Salmon Enhancement at North Mountain Park on Bear Creek, OR for Ashland Parks and Recreation Department