Compensatory Wetland Mitigation & Channel Restoration, Stoneview Townhomes, Eagle Point, Oregon

Client: Whittle Construction & Oregon Department of State Lands

Buchanan channel contains urban and agricultural irrigation return flows and runoff from upslope areas. The channel was severely channelized, down-cut, and disconnected from its original floodplain. Isolated pockets of wetlands were scattered along its 1/2 mile length and very little riparian vegetation was present along the channel. Whittle construction developed a number of house lots which filled some of the wetland pockets. Northwest Biological Consulting developed a Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Plan (CWMP) for the Army Corps of Engineers and the Oregon Department of State Lands. The CWMP was designed to provide additional native wetlands and native riparian habitat to compensate for the loss of wetlands due to the housing development.

The fill and removal permits and CWMP were approved by the regulatory agencies and construction of the project began in 2006 and was completed in 2008. Over 3 acres of wetlands, prairie potholes and riparian habitat were created, restored, and enhanced. In addition, over 1/2 a mile of stream was rebuilt in a more sinuous plan-form with a functional flood plain. Western pond turtle rocks and logs were added for habitat value and a viewing area along the sidewalk will be built as part of an urban park for the City of Eagle Point.